Design facade

Aluminum composite panels

An absolute highlight of BLOXS is the design facade. By installing 4mm thick aluminum composite panels (ACP), we can not only offer a wide range of colors and decors, such as wood or concrete decors, but above all a timelessly elegant facade design.

The advantages of this expensive material are its long-lasting durability, UV resistance and robustness. In addition, they are extremely easy to maintain. There is no need to "paint" the facade. And if a panel is damaged by mechanical impact, it can be replaced without any problems.

In our BLOXS configurator you will find a selection of different colors and decors. If your favorite color is not available, please contact us. The color selection of panels from our supplier is immense.

" Examples of color combinations "

" Alternative facade "

Plaster facade

You own a property with a development plan that prescribes a majority plastered facade? Within the framework of our BLOXS individual program, we can, for example, design the rear side and the two front sides as a plastered facade. The front side can thus remain in the timelessly elegant cassette design made of aluminum composite panels. Even in this combination, BLOXS continue to be a real eye-catcher!