steelroots foundation

Innovative foundation system

Which foundation you choose for your BLOXS is, of course, up to you. However, we would like to draw your attention to the sustainable STEELROOTS foundation system. This system convinces with its attractive price-performance ratio and an installation time of only a few hours. If you sell your BLOXS later on, you can remove the STEELROOTS and sell them at the same time. Residues in the floor are thus almost impossible.

Put simply, steelroots work on the principle of a tree root. The force is transferred vertically and distributed over the feet of the STEELROOTS. Those feet are the secret of an extremely high stability, which is proven by a stability certificate. Ideal to prevent subsequent lowering.

Take a look at how easy STEELROOTS were installed for our show house in Wipfeld.

Tiny house foundation steel roots adopt the principle of a tree root
Tiny house foundation steel roots - the principle of load transfer of forces

Our show house with STEELROOTS


STEELROOTS consist of galvanized steel struts that take up the loads from the center of the mast in different directions and transfer them to the surrounding soil via pressure on the one hand and via lifting ballasting on the other. They also function in difficult subsoil conditions and soils with low load-bearing capacity. The mounted support plate allows a BLOXS to be placed on top. Even when installed, it can still be adjusted +/-40mm in height.

Tiny house foundation steel roots before installation full size


A mini excavator is used to dig a trench with a width and depth of approx. 1 x 1 meter within a very short time. Most of the excavated material is subsequently used again for compaction. 

Tiny house foundation preparation for installation of steel roots


After the trench has been excavated, the STEELROOTS are placed with their feet in the trench, aligned and the support plates leveled to the predefined height. Then the cavity around the STEELROOTS is backfilled with the previously excavated soil and compacted using a surface vibrator. 

Tiny house foundation steel roots in semi-installed state


After a few hours, all STEELROOTS are installed. Only the support plates are still sticking out of the ground. Your BLOXS will be placed on these. The number of STEELROOTS to be installed depends on your chosen BLOXS model and the condition of the soil.  

Tiny house foundation with steel roots in installed, final state

We will be happy to advise you on the subject of foundations and STEELROOTS. You can also find more information on the STEELROOTS website at: