BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house


from 222,500 Euro

incl. 19% VAT | plus assembly and additional costs | without furniture

This 2-room modular house BLOXS LIVING 60 represents another highlight in the product family of BLOXS. Contrary to the already known BLOXS models, the BLOXS LIVING 60 offers an exceedingly large living-dining area with space for a kitchen island, for example. In addition, the living room is not centered, but positioned to the side. Two window elements, each 310cm in size and a design highlight, create the feeling of a winter garden in the living room. If necessary, one element can also be opened. The large bedroom offers enough space for a double bed up to 180cm wide, a large 200cm wide closet and a desk, giving the possibility of a home office. The bathroom is generously designed and leaves nothing to be desired. The technical room on the return is reduced to a minimum.

Optional third room
On request, this BLOXS model can also be built as a 3-room variant. The additionally gained compact room offers space for a single bed, a closet as well as a desk. This room is therefore ideal as a children's room, study or guest room.



Floor space(m²)


Room area(m²)


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Height (cm)

BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
BLOXS LIVING 50 module house Premium Tiny House Mini House Mini House
BLOXS LIVING 50 module house Premium Tiny House Mini House Mini House
BLOXS LIVING 50 module house Premium Tiny House Mini House Mini House
BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house

Look forward to great highlights and much more

Design facade

Aluminum windows

External venetian blinds

BLOXS light signature

Underfloor heating

Smart Home

Premium mini spa

cents. Residential ventilation

Humidity and heat recovery


Tiny House BLOXS facade
Design facade
The facade made of high-quality aluminum composite panels is not only easy to maintain, but also gives an individual look. Due to their property, there is no need for tiresome painting every year. Dirt can simply be washed off. You will enjoy the beauty of the facade for years.

You can also find more about design facade on this page.

BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
Premium mini spa

In addition to a sink and toilet, the spacious bathroom also includes a walk-in, almost floor-level shower with wall drain. Throughout the bathroom, we use high-quality materials from Villeroy&Boch, Hansgrohe and Geberit.

Moisture is removed via the central living room ventilation system with exhaust air in the bathroom. In addition, the floor-to-ceiling window always allows a supply of fresh air when needed.

The washbasin is made as a single piece from solid oak.

WINEO Purline organic design flooring
WINEO Purline organic flooring

PURLINE organic flooring for a good feeling. As a German manufacturer, WINEO offers this high-quality polyurethane flooring, which is made predominantly from vegetable oils such as rapeseed or castor oil and naturally occurring, mineral components such as chalk. The addition of chlorine, plasticizers and solvents was deliberately solvents were deliberately avoided. A great and durable product for your BLOXS.

Tiny House BLOXS SmartHome
Smart Home

There are many advantages to controlling your BLOXS from the patio, or even on the go, using your smartphone.

The following functions can be operated via app:

- Interior/exterior lighting
- BLOXS light signature
- ventilation
- hot water preparation
- underfloor heating
- Venetian blinds
- optional sound system
- optional air conditioning
- optional alarm system with video surveillance

BLOXS are therefore also ideal as a vacation home, allowing you to control the basic functions remotely without being on site.

Optionally, we can also offer you a smart door lock with timed PIN or app access control - ideal for vacation rentals.

Tiny House BLOXS LED outdoor spotlights
LED Outdoor Spots with Philips Hue

The seven patio spots are equipped with Philips Hue GU-10 bulbs and are also controllable via Smart Home.

BLOXS LIVING 60 module house premium Tiny House Mini House mini house
BLOXS light signature

A typical BLOXS highlight is the BLOXS light signature in the front facade, which reflects the arc of the brand logo. The brightness of this 25 meter long LED light line can be individually controlled via Smart Home.

Tiny House BLOXS washing machine kitchen

To make access to the washing machine as convenient as possible, the washing machine connection is provided on the kitchen wall.

If you order your dream kitchen at your favorite kitchen studio, you can perfectly store, for example, your washing machine in the tall cabinet under the refrigerator. When not in use, it will not be visible in the kitchen cabinet.


BOSCH water heater
BLOXS brand logo

Be proud of your BLOXS and show your friends, visitors and neighbors in which premium product you live. For this purpose we provide our models with a BLOXS logo on each front side.

Tiny House BLOXS steel frame with half-timbering
Solid wood construction

The load-bearing framework of a BLOXS is not based on a wooden stud frame, but on full-surface cross-laminated timber boards with a thickness of 100mm, which consist of at least three layers of cross-laminated timber (CLT). The cross-laminated timber boards have a strength that exceeds that of solid structural timber (KVH)..

Construction with solid wood panels represents one of the highest quality, most durable as well as long-lasting construction methods and also brings a variety of advantages.

On the one hand, those boards are dried and do not carry moisture into the structure. Nevertheless, they have a high specific heat and moisture storage capacity. Due to a strongly pronounced phase shift, additional summer heat protection is achieved. All in all, these advantages result in an excellent indoor climate. It should also be mentioned that the production and processing is very low in energy, which means that the sustainability effects are immense.

Tiny House BLOXS ecological hemp insulation
Ecological wood fiber insulation

To build BLOXS as sustainably as possible, we use wood fiber insulation from STEICO in the form of blow-in insulation as well as wood hardboard.

Insulation with wood fibers provides protection against cold, heat, noise as well as moisture and makes a major contribution to a healthy living environment .

Another major advantage is, for example, the buffering of summer heat over a period of several hours due to their high heat storage capacity. Overheating is equally delayed and reduced, as a large proportion of the heat does not enter the living spaces in the first place. The stored heat can then radiate outwards again in the cooler evening and night hours and ventilate.

In conjunction with installed, thermal bridge-optimized web beams, BLOXS achieve excellent U-values:

U-value exterior walls: 0.18 W/(m²K)
U-value roof: 0.11 W/(m²K)
U-value floor: 0.19 W/(m²K)

GIRA external sockets

Our innovative flat roof structure complies with the "7 golden rules for a verifiable flat roof" as well as the foregrounding of a "hard roofing" to provide protection against flying sparks. The upper layers are formed by three coordinated roofing membranes, with the top layer being an innovative elastomeric bitumen welded membrane with special properties.

This innovative product from Germany is equipped with a catalytic layer that has been proven to provide excellent removal of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the air.

Activated by UV rays, the coating attracts nitrogen oxides from the surrounding air and converts them. Rain washes the resulting degradation product from the roofing membranes, and this water is harmless to groundwater.

A roof surface of 50m² can clean up to 13,000m³ of air with an average pollution of 23 µg/m³* in one hour.

* According to the Federal Environment Agency, this corresponds to the 2019 annual mean value for Berlin Mitte.

Tiny House BLOXS lifting-sliding element
Aluminum windows & doors

BLOXS are equipped with high quality aluminum windows and doors. Our supplier ALUprof is one of the largest European aluminum window/door manufacturers and stands for quality. All glazing is also made in triple glazing with warm edge, so that the glass alsohas excellent insulating properties with Ug = 0.5 W/(m²K) .

A highlight is the 310cm wide sliding-folding element as the central focal point. When fully opened, the living room merges with the terrace and allows an open-space concept in summer.

Except for the large sliding-folding window, all windows, doors and glazing also meet resistance class RC2, which ensures good protection against burglary.

Tiny House BLOXS illuminated logo
Venetian blinds with somfy io motors

In order to protect you and your BLOXS not only from foreign eyes, but especially from the sun's rays, we equip all windows with high-quality aluminum venetian blinds (Z-slats) of the ALUprof brand. 

These external venetian blinds are driven by one of the latest somfy io motor generation, which can thus be controlled via Smart Home.

Optionally, we offer a somfy wind and sun sensor to control your external venetian blinds even more intelligently.

Tiny House BLOXS central ventilation system with WRG
Central living room ventilation system

An absolute highlight is the central living room ventilation system with 94% heat recovery, which always supplies your BLOXS with fresh air.

The main unit is installed in the technical room. Air ducts in the ceiling supply the living-dining area and the bedroom with fresh air. Exhaust air is extracted through respective valves in the bathroom as well as in the technical room.

Due to the close proximity of the kitchen to the bathroom as well as to the technical room, kitchen odors are also extracted via valves located there.

The system is whisper-quietin normal operation, but allows a fresh air supply of up to 100m³/hour if required.The system is conveniently controlled via Smart Home.

A highlight is the CO2 and humidity sensors built into the device. These monitor the exhaust air and automatically adjust the air flows, for example, when you take a shower and there is more moisture in the air, or when you invite friends over and the CO2 content in the air increases. All in all, this system makes an immense contribution to a healthy indoor climate.

Maintenance and cleaning of the filters is easily possible via the technical room.

Energy efficiency label(link)

Tiny House BLOXS air conditioning heating ventilation dehumidification
Enthalpy exchanger

Unfortunately, ventilation systems in residential buildings have one disadvantage: they extract humidity from the air, especially in winter. To counteract this effect, we equip the central ventilation system with an expensive enthalpy exchanger. This can extract not only the heat from the exhaust air, but also the humidity. Heat and humidity are then returned to the fresh supply air. 

This effect immensely increases the healthy indoor environment.

Energy efficiency label(link)

Tiny House BLOXS electric car e-bike charging preparation
Control center with Apple iPad Mini

As you've probably noticed, BLOXS are highly connected and allow many convenience features to be controlled via smartphone, even while on the go.

But maybe you don't always have your smartphone handy at home. For this very purpose, there is the BLOXS control panel, which is located near the front door.

A wall-mounted Apple iPad Mini helps you control the various components, such as:

- Interior/exterior lighting
- BLOXS light signature
- ventilation
- hot water preparation
- underfloor heating
- Venetian blinds
- optional sound system
- optional air conditioning
- optional alarm system with video surveillance

Of course, you can also take the iPad Mini out of the cradle and use it for surfing, for example. Back in the cradle, the iPad Mini is charged again.

Tiny House underfloor heating with wifi
Underfloor heating

A comfortable floor temperature in the living room and bedroom is ensured by an electric floor heating system with carbon heating foil and a power of 100W/m². The advantage of carbon heating foils is the lower energy consumption and faster heating time. The heating is therefore more sustainable.

In the bathroom there is an electric, copper-wire underfloor heating with a power of 150W/m².

All three rooms have a smart thermostat with touch display. Control, programming of weekly programs, etc. is possible via smart home.

Tiny House BLOXS LED ceiling spots

All aluminum ceiling spots are equipped with Philips Hue GU10 LED lamps and can be dimmed individually. The color temperature is 2700k.

LAN network socket
somfy TaHoma Switch

The somfy TaHoma Switch control center is the brain of the clever networking of smart home technology. It can be used to control various somfy devices, such as the external venetian blinds, optional sensors (wind, sun, etc.) but also other optional components such as an alarm system, video surveillance and much more.

In addition, you can program meaningful logics, for example with the somfy smoke detectors installed as standard in the BLOXS, by automatically raising all the Venetian blinds and switching on the room lighting in the event of a smoke alarm.

Hekatron smoke detector
somfy io smoke detector

A high-quality and intelligent smoke detector from the company somfy provides additional protection.

Through io networking to the somfy TaHoma control center, it can not only send alerts online, but also trigger meaningful links.

For example, in the event of a smoke alarm, all external venetian blinds can be raised automatically and the room lighting can come on.

A small contribution to even more safety.

GIRA external sockets
GIRA Sockets / Switches

There can never be enough sockets. Therefore, we install numerous GIRA sockets and switches in every room. In addition, there are also three GIRA outdoor sockets in the exterior façade.

BOSCH water heater
BOSCH instantaneous water heater

The hot water supply in the BLOXS is provided by a modern instantaneous water heater from BOSCH. The TR8501i model impresses with its efficiency and functionality as well as switchable output of 21, 24 or 27 kW. The built-in, innovative Aqua-Stop system can also protect against long-term water damage.

Likewise, this device is Internet-enabled and can be read out as well as controlled via Smart Home.

Energy efficiency label(link)

Kitchen connection set

Order your own dream kitchen from your trusted kitchen studio.

On the kitchen wall are provided all standardized connections for cold, hot and waste water, as well as numerous sockets.

The maximum width of the kitchen is 250cm.

We will be happy to provide you with a sample kitchen layout as a PDF.

Modular house configurator

BLOXS Configurator

Easily create your dream BLOXS with our innovative 3D online configurator.
Try it out!


BLOXS Mini House Tiny House Solar PV Photovoltaic

Efficiency package

We equip the flat roof with 8 photovoltaic modules with an output of around 3.2 kWp. Surplus energy is fed into the high-voltage battery with a total capacity of approx. 12 kWh. This oversized storage capacity ideally allows a lot of energy to be carried over into the night and also provides an emergency power function. If required, both the number of PV modules and the battery capacity can be increased at a later date.

With the efficiency package, your BLOXS takes a big step towards energy self-sufficiency.

19.450 EUR

Third room

You need another room as a children's room, guest room or study?

With this option we add to the floor plan a room about 290cm wide and 240cm deep. Here you can find a 90 x 200cm bed, a closet and a desk.

This small room is perfect for making the most of the space with BLOXS elements furniture.

3.950 EUR

BLOXS Mini House Tiny House Solar PV Photovoltaic

Ambience ceiling lighting

Bring even more coziness and comfort to your BLOXS with ambient ceiling lighting. This indirect lighting invites you to relax and dream. We can install them in almost all rooms. Please feel free to contact us.

from 2.250 EUR

BLOXS Mini House Tiny House Solar PV Photovoltaic

Sound system with Sonos speaker

You are a music fan and like to stream music, radio, audio books and much more? We install a powerful Sonos One SL speaker almost invisible in the wall, which you can easily control via Sonos App or Apple AirPlay 2. If you choose multiple Sonos speakers, you can connect them for a multi-room experience, stereo sound or an impressive home theater experience.

850 EUR

BLOXS Mini House Tiny House Solar PV Photovoltaic

Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner

You want to play it safe and be prepared for the hottest days? Then decide to install a split air conditioner. We install the model Samsung Wind-Free Avant with an output of 3.5 kW. The convincing Wind-Free technology, which has thousands of micro-holes on the device, through which fresh air is distributed gently and evenly in the room, allows you to live comfortably without unpleasant cold drafts.

Tech. Data(Link)

3.950 EUR

BLOXS Mini House Tiny House Solar PV Photovoltaic

Preparation for air conditioner

You may want to install an air conditioning system at a later date. Therefore, you can equip your BLOXS ex works with a preparation for the subsequent installation of an air conditioner. The necessary cables and pipes are then already in the wall and can be exposed if necessary.

950 EUR

Tiny House BLOXS elements smart furniture folding bed double bed bunk bed


With BLOXS elements furniture you can really save space and make the most of the area in your BLOXS. There are many sizes, colors and fabrics to choose from. For convenience, we offer practical options such as LED lighting, USB connectivity, or even an electric motor drive with remote control. We can also add more cabinet elements on the side or on top - according to your wishes and needs.

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You have special wishes? Through our BLOXS INDIVIUAL program we try to integrate your wishes as best as possible. Feel free to contact us!

on request

Modular house configurator

Preliminary building application

You are interested in a BLOXS, but you are not sure if you are allowed to place it on your property?


Philips hue
Villeroy & Boch
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